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In here you'll find pictures of Maggie's friends from around the world!
If you want to add the pic of your furry baby in this section, just email me with his/her pic and tell me where you are from!
If you have more than one dog, no problem! I'll be glad to add all of them in here!
Please, be sure to include your website URL if you have one
I'll be waiting for your email!

Aspen says: "I am a 9 yr. old Australian Shepherd from Ontario, Canada and am involved in doggie sports but am slowing down now because have been training since I was about 6 months of age so it's time to just be a dog, WooF!"
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Below are some more pictures of Aspen!
Click on any picture for a larger view.

H u n t e r
He is a 3 year old Flat-Coat Retriever from Selkirk Manitoba, Canada!
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M i l o
Milo is a cute Bouvier des Flandres, living in Tucson, Arizona.
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A n n a n n
Annann was a cute Japanese Spitz living in Taiwan, sadly she went to Rainbow Bridge recently...
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R e v o
Revo is a cute Swiss Cattle Dog from Roslyn, New York.
She was born on June 28, 1995.
Her official name is "Rusty Gates Precious Revo".
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I v o r
Ivor is a cute Tibetan Terrier from Poole in Dorset, UK.
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S a s s y and B r a c k e n

These cute little guys are Sassy (left) and Bracken (right).
Sassy is 7 years old and some say she's a cross between a Maltese and a Australian Silky Terrier whilst others say there is Shih Tzu or even Bichon Frise in her.
Bracken is a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Bearded Collie.
He came to live with Sassy and her family late last year.
He is about 14 months old and though he is big he is just a silly puppy !
Sassy is still in charge of the house, though.
They both live in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.
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Meet Sassy's Family!
(including Bracken!)

Roxy is a cute German Shepherd from Holland in Europe!
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Dillon is an adorable English Springer Spaniel boy.
His full name is Nanjay's Marshal Dillon, but they call him Dillon or Dilly Doodles.
He was born on February 29, 2000.
He has two titles!
Canadian Champion and Canine Good Citizen!
His jobs are Loving companion to his human mom and dad Arlene and Dennis, and his brother Nathaniel, friend, entertainer, clown, show-off & more!
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Nathaniel is Dillon's cute little brother!
He is also an English Springer Spaniel, and he was born on September 9, 2001.
His full name is Nanjay's Notably Nathaniel, but they all him Nathaniel or Nat.
He also goes by other titles such as Nat the Brat, Gnat, Nathaniel Spaniel, Natty-Pup.
His jobs are loving companion to his human mom and dad, Arlene and Dennis, and, of course, his brother Dillon, toy-stealer, lap-warmer, mischief-maker & more!
Nathaniel and Dillon are from Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.
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R u s t y and P e n n y
Penny is a cute Shepherd/Husky cross.
Rusty is cute and lovable Sheltie.
They are both from Vancouver, BC.
Vistit Penny and Rusty's Website!

P e a c h y
Peachy is a cute 2 year old Pomeranian from San Diego.
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M r. W i n k l e

Mr. Winkle is a very famous pooch, with a cute personality!
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C h e l s e y and T i g e r

Chelsey and Tiger are two adorable Golden Retrievers from Toronto!
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Below are some more pictures of Chelsey and Tiger for you to enjoy!
Please, click on any pic for a larger view.

M a x

Max is a handsome Boxer from Canada!

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