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In here you'll find pictures of English and American Cocker Spaniels around the world!
If you want to add the pic of your doggie in this section, just email me with the following information:

Your Name:
Your Cocker's Name:
Your Cocker's D.O.B.:
Where are you from:

And of course a picture of you baby! If you have more than one cocker, no problem! I'll be glad to add all of them in here! If you have a website, about them I can add it too! Enjoy!
I'll be waiting for your email!

Please, click on any of the images below to select a page.

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Page 1:
Murphy (The ACS), Murphy (The ECS),
Bailey, Poppy, Daffney, Molly, Santana
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Page 2:
Alfons, Milton, Luna, Stella,
Sasha, Nibbles, Duffy

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Page 3:
Darwin, Orion, Emily, Brady,
Elliot, Gabby, Melon, Jaxon, Ranger
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Page 4:
Mardi, Jake, Scooter, Lady, Abby
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Page 5:
Duffy, Dearly, Carlitos, Broc-Lee,
Lunita, Charlie
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Page 6:
Bailey, Quigley, Farley, Keeley, Leroy, Abi, Danni, Tynan, Basil